Process, people, principles … although todays organizations are still perceived as being more or less complex machines by the majority of business leaders, practice shows that reality is more complicated. And to be honest, leading an organization is sometimes complex enough and simplifying the complexity in apparently logical change steps provide an attractive cognitive perspective.

Technology is perceived as the big game changer in how people form their lives and will shape their professional surroundings. Strangely though that IBM decided to bring their employees back into physical offices. The attractive $2 billion profit on the balance from writing off office space by providing working at home, did not materialize. It even turned into a substantial loss. Absence of face to face contact was why team- and organization dynamics slumped which had a serious effect on the companies creative and productive output.

Denying todays companies are still largely a social construct is a serious lack of nuance which can cost dearly. Especially in today’s world where adjusting to rapid change is paramount and managing erratic human behavior is more important than ever before.

We at Brown Company Interim Change Experts emphasize that future change is not only defined by technological developments but much more by managing structure, culture and technology in an integral process. Where social dynamics (culture) will be one of the key success factors.

We at Brown Paper Company Interim Change Experts (ICE) might be old dogs, but we understand processes, systems, governance, culture, management and communication. Other than external change consultants who will stay at the sideline we are positioned in the board where we take responsibility managing change successfully and profitable. We give a face to change and will persist in putting change topics high on the business agenda. Making sure the desired change is materialized and made profitable.

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Sven Gall