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Communication is KEY! COPA helps!

An artist in communication is that person who can interact to the communicative preference of the other. An Artist with a capital letter is that person who, besides that, consciously deals with his own communicative preferences, limitations and chances. This applies to organisations as well as people.

For this reason communication scientists put the focus on communication. The behaviour, character or the people’s surroundings can either have a positive or negative effect on this.

To improve the quality of communication, you first have to do research what the current quality is. Therefore the communication performance analysis. ( COPA © ) has been developed.

The COPA test gives insights in communication preferences and translates itself in communicative expressions. Both verbal and non-verbal. It is scientifically proven that extraverted people, by nature, are worse listeners than introverted people. Also presenting is easier for extraverted people than for introverted people. Highly emphatic people get a quicker understanding than low empathic people. And people with low empathy are quicker in making decisions.

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