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“Alles voor de klant …”

"Alles voor de klant..." Het lijkt zo logisch maar deze kreet is niet zo onschuldig als hij lijkt. Maak dit statement als directeur en je voelt meteen de gefronste wenkbrauwen. En terecht. Want er zitten een paar vervelende haken aan deze slogan. 1. De klant weet ook niet altijd wat hij/zij wil en bouwt haar/zijn behoeften op aan wat er...
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(New) Leadership

Which millennial is my new leader? I am always charmed by the positive way we look at the logistics industry to be a little conservative and traditional. Even more since I know that within most logistic companies advanced systems make the best possible customer dreams come through. So where does this image comes from? I came across an interesting article…

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Communication Performance Analysis

key account management sales

Communication is KEY! COPA helps! An artist in communication is that person who can interact to the communicative preference of the other. An Artist with a capital letter is that person who, besides that, consciously deals with his own communicative preferences, limitations and chances. This applies to organisations as well as people. For this reason communication scientists put the focus…

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Culture Change (international)

Without acknowledgement of local culture, no (inter)national change! More and more often, multi branch or multinational companies ask for uniform ways of working. This to monitor (multi) national branches’ performances and govern on critical performance indicators. In case of required change, very often templates for change are being made in head offices, from an assumed cost efficiency perspective, with the…

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